(Gulo Gulo)

5 - 7 wolverines live in Kuhmo near Wildlife Lassi Rautiainen's hide locations all year round, like wolves. The best time to see them is from April until September. However, they have been observed regularly throughout the summer and also in winter.

During periods of high wolf activity it is very risky for a wolverine to show up. Wolf attacks on wolverines have been observed many times. Wildlife Safaris Finland has special wolverine observation hides.

Wolverine population in Finland
In Finland, there could well be up to 200 wolverines – and about 130 at the very least. When researchers estimate the number of individuals of a species in a country they want to be certain that their assessment of the minimum number within that country is realistic. Because of the long Russian border, in Finland it is difficult to estimate which individual actually reside there and which are only visitors.