Wildlife Safaris Finland Ltd. cannot guarantee that animals will be seen nor that photos will be obtained. The safaris are based on wild animal behaviour in their natural habitat, for which we cannot accept any responsibility. Participants need to have valid travel insurance. Wildlife Safaris Finland Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any accidents or other health problems arising.

GUARANTEE: Wildlife Safaris Finland Ltd. gives neither guarantees for any animals to be seen nor pictures to be taken. It is about wild animals for which behaviour we cannot take any responsibility.

HEALTH ISSUES: Wildlife Safaris Finland Ltd. needs to be informed IN ADVANCE about any physical disabilities or diseases, such epilepsy, heart disorder or artificial knee-joints, and any medication in case of emergency, as we are far off from any medical facility.

DIET: Wildlife Safaris Finland Ltd. needs also to be informed about any special diet AT THE TIME OF BOOKING, else we cannot provide for it, since we are far off any grocery store.

Permit to noman’s land

We need names + nationality + date of birth to get permit to noman’s land near Russian border because most of hides are located near border.