Photo hides

No hides needed for red-flanked bluetail, owls or garden birds.

WSF owned hides in Kuusamo

2 hides at the Oulanka canyon for golden eagles, Siberian tit, willow tit, great tit, jay, Siberian jay, raven, woodpecker, squirrels.

WSF owned hides in Kuhmo

Around 14 photo hides: bears, wolves, wolverines and eagles. 2 bird hides: capercaillie, black grouse, crane, bean goose, whooper swan and other water birds.

General information about WSF’s hides

  • The Wildlife Safaris Finland photo hides are all different, some larger and some smaller (1-5 people).
  • No tripod is needed in a hide, but do bring a ball head or a wimberley, which you can screw to a wooden board that is provided. For film makers there are tripod places in some hides.
  • 10 m to 500 m walk from car to hides.
  • Some hides are situated in the forest, others in wetlands – you will need rubber boots.
  • Inside the hide you will need warm socks (no shoes allowed in hides) and a sleeping bag.